Kolt Communications designs advertising campaigns and strategies that cut through the clutter and deliver your company’s message with strength and creativity.

Our advertising success is based on the firm’s many years of communication expertise in helping our clients achieve their goals.

  • Paid Advertising

    From television advertising to radio spots to newspaper ads to billboards and everything in between, Kolt Communications can design the advertising strategy that works best for you.
  • Branding

    Kolt Communications can devise a branding message that will make your product or service stand out above the rest with a clear, consistent message.
  • Direct Marketing

    Do you have a product or service you’d like to sell to a specific audience? Let Kolt Communications help you develop strategic direct marketing materials that reach the right people at the right time in the right way.
  • Public Service

    No matter what your cause may be, Kolt Communications can design public service advertising that truly makes a positive and sometimes lifesaving impact on the people you’re trying to reach.
  • Partnerships

    When it comes to advertising, sometimes two or more heads are better than one. Kolt Communications can create and develop strategic advertising partnerships with other organizations to help yours enjoy even greater success.
  • Corporate Sponsorship’s

    If you need help leveraging your investment in your product, service or event, why not consider corporate sponsorships? Let Kolt Communications help you design a corporate sponsorship strategy that gets results.
  • Interactive

    In advertising, uniqueness counts. Kolt Communications can design interactive advertising to engage your audience in new and exciting ways.